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Hackman prototype Version 2.1: 04/10/22.  Hope you enjoy it!

Better IA: This version has a better AI, now with hearing capability. The AI will hear the computer terminals "bip" when you finish the hack. They can listen to your footsteps too now and fast investigate the sounds, so be cautious to not walk too close to the enemies. The peripheral vision was improved too, they can see you at 120 degrees now, try to stay behind walls, ventilation ducts, or doors to avoid detection. In some situations, even crouching can help avoid detection. 

Ranking and points system: Now I was able to implement a point system. Basically, collecting data cubes, hacking computers, and escaping through the elevator will give you points. Points determine your ranking and, in the future, will convert into XP that the player uses to level up (This will take a longer time to implement)

Locked doors and access codes: Now there are more doors and they start locked. Locked doors have a red light bar to show their status. You will need access codes, which are a fancy name for "keys" in the game. You start the game with 3 access codes and spend them automatically when opening a locked door. Once unlocked, that door will keep like that till the end of the game (you will see a blue light bar on the door to indicate this), so you will not need to spend access codes to open again that specific door. To gain more access codes you need to collect data cubes. A certain number of cubes collected gives you 1 access code. You can save access codes if you follow the creatures, they can open all doors they pass nearby. All the open doors will close automatically after a random amount of time. 

Special data cube: After you complete at least 3 terminals, at each minute,  a special data cube (gold color) will spawn somewhere on the map. If you find and collect it you gain much more points than a regular data cube (blue). The cube remains in play for a limited amount of time, so be fast to find and collect. 

Next improvements on my list:

  1. Better AI
  2. Gameplay tutorial
  3. Sound control
  4. Bright control
  5. Difficulty settings 
  6. Custom keys 
  7. Resolution and window mode that is actually working 
  8. XP system, and maybe, a skill system
  9. new menu


"better with headphones" 

(there are some alerts when you complete the main computer and before a chase starts, so be cautious with volume, I still need to implement a game control of the sound volume, sorry for that).

WASD to move.

click "E" to interact (You do not need to hold the key). You can interact with doors and terminal computers.

click "C" to crouch to enter the ventilation ducts.  

click "I" or "Q" to see the number of collectibles. 

click "ESC" or "P" to pause the game.

1. Find and complete the 4 terminals to unlock the main computer (the big red screen). 

2. Find and complete de main computer and run back to the elevator to escape.

3. There's something with you in the maze. Don't get caught and don't run out of time.

Observation: the enemy creature model and animations are just a placeholder for tests—credits to Mixamo. 


Older versions log:

Hackman prototype Version 2: 22/09/22. Some improvements include better UI, better Info, better optimization, new mechanics, new visuals, and a new map.  

First Version: Early prototype of my "Pacman-like soft horror game" with a little backroom mood. At this moment, it is poorly optimized, sorry for that. 


hackman_prototypeV0.zip 293 MB
hackman_prototypeV2.zip 285 MB
Hackman_prototypeV2.1.zip 338 MB

Development log


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Esse jogo parece ser muitooo da hora! Eu estou doidinho para fazer um jogo sobre backrooms, é um tema que tem me chamado muito a atenção. Pena que vou conseguir jogar só daqui duas semanas, mas voltando das férias vou jogar com certeza.

Poderia postar mais alguns prints para saber mais como é o jogo, fiquei ansioso para ver kk

Obrigado pela dica. Eu estou fuçando ainda no visual, por isso não postei muita coisa. Hoje coloquei algumas imagens extras, dei umas aprimoradas desde a primeira versão, mas tem muito trabalho pelo frente ainda. abraços.

Valeu querido! Eu estou na correria aqui, mas semana que vem vou baixar seus jogos e testar todos com calma também. Obrigado pelo comentário.


Like you say, "At this moment, it is poorly optimized" i have a kinda good PC and this run !

You should, i think make the page more atractive ( more screenshots, a video of the game ect ).Because this game is totally underated !

There is some issues :

The controls ! Im french and i change my keyboard to English to play.

Make a tutorial ! Once a RED computer appeared on my screen and i tryed "E" but it didnt work, i have no idea what it was.

Once i think i got all the computers (4 like pacman) the game didnt end and i don't know what to do next.

I tell that because i enjoyed ( and screamed ) a lot during this game !

I know it can be better ! Continue like that !


Wow, thanks a lot for your comment! 

I am working on a new implementation, with much better optimization. This first one was useful to establish the mood and set the game's basic mechanics. I will make a tutorial to clarify a few things, maybe even a tutorial level. I hope you come back to see the improvements and test again. I am at the prototype level, so a lot of things can and probably will change. With your help and others, I am sure I will achieve a better version of this game. Thanks again for your comment and tips. It was very helpful and encouraging to keep investing in this, to believe in this project.